Phone support to Kimmunicate plus

Our customer

Kimmunicateplus is a leading name in the field of telephone sales and marketing specialization. Kimmunicate plus needed data related to a campaign that they wished to carry out in different countries. One of the countries in the list for the campaign was India. It was thought that it would be in the best interest for the company if the data is collected with the help of a local company based in India.

The challenge and the measures

Call2Customer was to collect the data as per the brief given by the client. It was important that whatever data will be collected it must be accurate. Call2Customer built a team of professionals and with the outbound calling services collected the data. We developed multichannel data collection strategies to speed up the process.

  • We brought up data and presented in a comprehensive manner.
  • We developed a questionnaire based on the needs of the client.
  • We carry out a detailed analysis of the data collected for its accuracy and validation.
  • We ramped up the process by recruiting more number of agents with training and expertise.


We could deliver the results within a short span of time. The client appreciated us for the accuracy and validation of the data for the campaign. Since it was a global campaign, C2C could provide them with the best data that helped them a lot with their campaign. We met each our deadline and were in constant touch with the client to update them with the developments.