How Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) Work

We follows a specific five stage process for outsourcing call centers services of our clients. The process of outsourcing extends benefits to our valued customers and makes it a hassle free ride with its flow.

Stage 1: Building a contact between your business and C2C.

First comprises of the filling of the contact us form and our expert team replies back to your queries or call directly to speak our sales experts to talk regard your requirement and get solution instently.

Stage2: Developing an understanding of your needs and requirements

This stage involves the analysis of your requirements. Thereafter, we give you an estimate and develop a detailed understanding to set an approach after the approval of the project. Thus, we embark on the journey with a pilot project if required.

Stage 3: Finalizing the contract and pricing.

After detailed analysis of the requirements and approval of the project, we move on to finalizing the structure, put in forth a proposal, negotiate pricing and sign the contract.

Stage 4: Embark on to the project

With contract being signed, starts on the journey to bring the required resources and training of the personnel followed by meeting of the experts.

Stage 5: Project execution

Final stage involves the execution of the plan developed and managing the work related to the project. Timely feedback and reports of the project are also sent to the client for their records.

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