Outsourcing management information services helps all size companies to get access of specialized staff and technologies at economic rates. Companies outsource management information to streamline their business process.

Benefits of outsourcing management information services

Call2customers, (C2C) provide best management information services for which we first understand your overall requirements, select best software, integrate the data and prepare comprehensive report. We concentrate on assisting with daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports in accordance with the parent company's formats. We also offer our assistance and coordination to ensure that our clients' internal and statutory audits are completed on time and without hiccups.

Our expert team organise data systematically, analyses and prepare reports on it to provide quickly assess of the company's present performance in comparison to prior outputs. Our MIS team helps you through different MIS processes including Process control systems, human resource management systems, sales and marketing, inventory control, office automation, enterprise resource planning, and accounting. Our team aid in data storage and retrieval so that your staff can work efficiently.

C2C has experience and skills to provide best management information services to national and international companies. Contact us for more information.

KPO Services are Broadly Classified as:

Account Outsourcing

We provide account outsourcing cost-effective solutions for day-to-day transactions and managing payrolls.

Payroll Outsourcing

As an outsourcing partner our experts can manage payrolls and ensure appropriate taxing for all size companies.

HR Outsourcing

We provide comprehensive HR outsourcing solution to assist you as a consultant regarding various HR functionalities like selecting right candidates for business.

HR Recruitment Outsourcing

Our Experts are handle recruitment of employees for your businesses. Our professional HR team hire them after screening their professional background and experience.

Inventory Management System Outsourcing

C2C Inventory Management System team helps our clients in effectively managing inventory to take their businesses to next levels.

Web Based Market Research Outsourcing

We are capable of providing Web Based Market Research Outsourcing to our clients all around the world in a timely way, helping them in developing their businesses.

Data Research and Analysis Outsourcing

C2C has smart, dedicated and talented staff for Data Research and analysis Outsourcing services that can provide accurate and fast services for your business needs.

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