Customer Support to US healthcare Industry

Project Name: Customer support to US healthcare industry

Company Name: FMS Consulting Services

Contact person: Bobby Taylor - CEO & President

FMS consulting services in the health care chooses a Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) for shorter time to increase customer satisfaction level till they had their inhous center furnishing. Bobby Taylor understands the importance of customer support services for the declining customer. He was keen to boost customer service with new technology.

We provided inbound tier1 customer support services 24/7 to increase customer satisfaction level upto 85-92%. Unanswered call declined and the services provided through multi-channel like email, voice and web chat reduced the rate of rejection to 9%. We provided service to FMS until they got open their inhouse center to run, we served them in 2012.

US sales: +1 646-878-9001