Customer support and inbound sale

Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) Client

Our client is a leading telecom company based in the UK. The company some major loss in the frequency of customers and the customer satisfaction percentage too went down. It became difficult to sustain into the telecom market while there was a telecom boom across the globe. The business saw loss with the customer calls being left unanswered .The company approached us to look into the matter and provide measured to improve the situation.

Challenges before us

It was important to understand the reasons behind the decreasing customer satisfaction rate as well as the inbound call rate. With more and more calls left unanswered or rejected, the chances to convert the calls into profitable sales were fading away. We set up a special team of experts with skills and experience of the related domain to list out the major challenges. Our experts found out that:

  • The company was unable to manage different modes of customer support i.e. huge volumes of emails along with calls.
  • There were less number agents relative to the volume of calls coming in.
  • Use of voice machines most of the time left the customers feel dejected.
  • Inability to provide the infrastructure to keep up with the processing of the customer support.
  • Inexperienced staff having little knowledge in the domain.


Our team of experts devised various measures to tackle the several issues in front of them. To convert the inbound calls into sales, we carried out the following measures:

  • Our team equipped with knowledge and infrastructure helped to increase the number channels to 80 from 30.
  • The number of agents recruited to respond to the customer calls was increased by about 50.
  • To be able to deliver the service throughout the day, agents were rotated according to the highest frequency of calls during the day. They were made to work in shifts to respond to calls.
  • Email and chat services were also revived with more and more emails being answered now.
  • The process of keeping the customer on the voice machine was also streamlined to reduce the chances of the calls being rejected by the customers.


  • Within a short span of 2 months of time our client saw increase in the call rate and more and more calls were answered now. The project saw the company selling international calling card with voice minutes. The customers’ queries were taken up and resolved timely. The project ran for about 1.5 yrs 7 days a week. It was ultimately closed due to cheap rates.
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