Tier1 Customer Support Services

Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) client

We were approached by our client which is a leading name in the healthcare sector in the USA. Its services were slow and the customers were not satisfied. Customer satisfaction had hit a real low with the calls reducing to about 37 per cent. Technical support is the first step to bringing in more and more customers. But the technical support was majorly marred with calls being left unanswered. Our client contacted us to resolve their technical support issues.

The challenges

It was necessary to bring out the root cause for the failure of customer and technical support. We experts carried out a thorough analysis of the situation with inputs from the staff and employees of our customer. This helped us to short list the major issues that needed to be resolved for the betterment of the services.

  • Our client was falling short to keep up the work due to shortage in personnel along with infrastructure.
  • The agents under the customer and technical support domain did not have the expertise and training to handle the varied requirement and issues of the customers calling in.
  • The services could not be made available 24/7 due to shortage in staff thus relying on voice machines which led to call abandoning by the customers.

The plan and solution

To bring out the best from our resources and help our client, the experts at Inbound call center service team devised new and improved measures. A special methodology was adopted to bring the customer satisfaction level up. The solutions we provided:

  • The team was exhaustively trained under the guidance of the professionals to understand the basics of the field.
  • We developed a software that could help keep the records of the patients and schedule the appointments simultaneously. 
  • To be able to handle the calls 24/7 and reduce the no. of unanswered calls, multiple shifts and support were included.
  • The services were improved with email, voice and chat services.
  • We introduced a call back facility for the calls that were rejected in between.


  • The customer satisfaction level went up by great amount to stand at 85-92% at present.
  • The call rejection rate went down to about 9 %.
  • As a result of hardwork and comprehensive measured taken, our customer was highly satisfied. We are associated with our client since the 2012 and to this day the project is running successfully 7 days a week giving consistent results.
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