Internet data search, data scraping and data entry services to Verified Learning

Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) Client

Our client is a leading name in the field of education. It works to bridge the gap between countries and provide a chance for every student to learn the same level of education globally. Verified learning now renamed as The World continuing education alliance has approached call2customer on various occasions for the process of data collection programs and many other projects that require data.


We have the following challenges in front that needed to be taken care of in the process of data collection.

  • To use practical tools and processes to collect information
  • To collect data through wide range of data collection techniques.
  • To build new innovative methods for research.

With the help of our expert team we were able to overcome the challenges and deliver the results well in time as per the requirements of our client.


We developed various methods and techniques to deal with varied requirements of our customers. We developed comprehensive data collection plan to deliver the data.

  • We carried out extensive online searches before arriving at any conclusion.
  • We collected data through internet scraping that involved social media platforms like facebook.
  • We followed different data collection methods be it phone based, web based, mail based or field data collection.
  • Using various primary and secondary sources for data collection.
  • We also used statistical methodologies to collect that were accurate qualitatively as well as quantitatively.
  • Our skilled web specialists were able to deliver the solutions on time.
  • We made sure that data was not obsolete or old.
  • We used different secondary sources like industry reports, government reports, websites, media and PR sources.
  • Our experts eliminated the errors that might make data inaccurate.


As a result of our expert solutions and timely update, the client was satisfied and continues to approach us for various data driven projects. We delivered all data within the stipulated time and made sure that it was comprehensive and as per the brief of the client.

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