Process evaluation of us

At Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) evolving with evaluation has been our constant to growth. Customer satisfaction is always our prime motive to working. All our call centers aim at providing quality services to our clients.  We have a strong evaluation procedure which enables us to deliver compatible quality service in our sector.  Every of our staff is skilled professional and delivers dedicated and quality services to your customer.

Quality of our services

  1. We are a company with  statute of repute among our competitors
  2.  We adhere and maintain high level of productivity along with quality service
  3. Our customer’s feedback is our key catalyst for evaluation process. Critics have been our basis of learning and change to improve our services day by day.
  4. Constant monitoring of sample calls by our management teams helps in providing efficient services.
  5. Our recruitment procedure ensures that even our new staff is as skilled as the experienced one in handling calls.

We have designed concrete management policies making learning and evolving our prime evaluation base and also a motivating factor to improvement. With an efficient working infrastructure with effective GUI and Real time management we offer customer satisfaction at its best!

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