Telemarketing for Pan India customers

Project Name: Telemarketing call for confirmation and reminder Pan India customers

Vishnu Goel - Director

Company Name: Cartbuy – Products Delivery Company

Cartbuy is a product delivery company in India. Vishnu Goel is dedicated to his services to deliver the product to the customer on time. According to him, we all have tendency to forget and make mistakes while ordering. So he hired Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) to call for confirmation with a reminder to their PAN India customers that their parcel is ready to deliver on the particular date.

Our telemarketing agents call to the customers not only for confirmation and reminder but also take the feedback of customer if there is any denial from the customer side. They maintain the diary with the information, data and feedback of customer with scheduling software and spreadsheets. We helped to save time and money of the company spend on delivering without any information. The reminder telemarketing confirms that the delivered parcel will be accepted on the provided date.

US sales: +1 646-878-9001