Telemarketing to Lead Generation

Project Name: Telemarketing to lead generation and appointment setting with USA business people

Krishna Murthy – Operation Director

Company Name: V3biz LLC

V3biz is a known name for offering innovative and robust numero-uno for improving IT efficiency. The operation Director, Krishna Murthy was looking for a telemarketing agency for B2B lead generation and appointment setting with USA based companies.

Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) backoffice and telemarketing team worked together to meet V3biz business requirement where backoffice team researched and mine the data of potential business c’level contacts and B2B telemarketing professionals worked to fix appointments for V3biz local sales person as per their meeting calendars and do followup to ensure phone or personal meeting take place and generate lead for their sales team to take further for business. We used to fix meeting and generated lead for their SaaS development services and eAmida (learning management system) products.

US sales: +1 646-878-9001