Conversational FAQ

Conversational FAQ

When you are new to the virtual receptionist services many question arises in the mind. You want to get quick answers to the queries so you can decide whether your money will be worth for hiring virtual receptionist. To quench your thirst we have provided few answers of the frequently asked questions. Even if you have more queries we will be glad to answer it.

Is virtual receptionist similar to answering services?

Answering services only give answers for the questions asked by the callers but virtual receptionist works similarly or more to your own receptionist. Live virtual receptionist answers the queries, maintain schedule, route the calls, transfer the important calls to you, give your reminder of the appointment and much more. You can customize the services according to your need.

Can I keep my existing phone number to use your services?

Yes, we can connect our assigned number with your existing one. If you want a new number you can connect the assigned number to the local area code.

For how many hours I will get services?

You can get services as per your choice as we are open for 24 hours even on holidays.

Who will answer the calls?

Live virtual receptionist will answer the call in a pleasant manner with a greeting. You can customize the greetings if you like.

Where are your receptionists located?

All of our receptionists are strategically located in India. We provide single language, bilingual and multilingual services to our clients.

What will happen if I the minutes in my plan exceed?

You are always welcome to upgrade your virtual receptionist services as we are flexible.

What will be done if my receptionist takes breaks for lunch and absent?

We will cover if your receptionist takes breaks or have unplanned absences. We allow you to schedule your receptionist when you need the services.

Will the information about our services and products given to the caller?

We can give information about your products and services if you want us to give it. We believe in customize services

Can my calls be transferred to the phone I want?

Yes, we can transfer your calls on any phone number of your choice.

How will you handle if I am not able to take my calls?

If you are not able to take your calls our virtual receptionist will take care of it by taking the message or transferring the call to voicemail as the caller’s choice.

Will Conversational be able to book my appointments using my current scheduling software?

Booking appointment using your current scheduling software depends on its remote access. If your software will allow us remote access we will definitely use it.

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