Virtual Receptionist Services

Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) provide affordable virtual receptionist solutions for every business - small, mid-sized or big to handle business calls in a timely & professional manner. Our receptionist answers your calls promptly whilst our cloud based technology track and monitor these calls for review in the future.

Virtual receptionist is a need for today’s businesses streamlining it to your needs. It is ideal for small businesses that cannot maintain in-house receptionists as well as professionals who do not have enough time to manage calls such as doctors, beauty parlors, shops, offices, lawyers, accountant, engineers etc.

Our experienced receptionists will handle your professional business call with the utmost competence according to specific instructions given by you.

Features of Virtual Receptionist Services

  • 1. Real person answers the phone: - A friendly, live virtual receptionist will take a message to ensure that actionable information is taken from the existing clients.
  • Live transfers:- You will get customized services as if the caller meet the criteria set by you the receptionist will transfer the call to you.
  • Instant call summaries: - After receiving the call the virtual receptionist will deliver you the immediate summary of the call through email or SMS to take appropriate respond to your client.
  • Spam blocking: - Your receptionist will screen the call to avoid the interruption that occurs through unwanted calls like, spam, sales call or wrong numbers.
  • Integrates with other VoIP systems: - We integrate your already existing number with newly assigned number to assure that that your calls do not be missed.
  • Appointment bookings: -Your virtual receptionist will book appointments for you and maintain calendar and diary for you.
  • Basic customer service: - Your virtual receptionist will take care of basic customer service of callers.
  • Ability to set temporary instructions: - - You can set temporary instructions which can be applicable for few minutes to few days. You can change it whenever you do not want to follow further.
  • Appointment reminders: - Your receptionist will remind you daily of your appointments and confirm it with you and your client.
  • Virtual receptionists that care: - We provide pleasant receptionist that has good communication skills and patience to deal with clients. You will get actually that receptionist that takes care of all your needs.
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