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Call2Customers is a prominent call centers services provider that offers the best business call center services to clients in a variety of sectors. We are a pioneer of the outsourced call centers sector, having been founded in 2011. Banking and finance, insurance, health and medicine, manufacturing, media and entertainment, travel and transportation, and logistics are just a few of the industries where we provide contact center services. With our many call center sites around the country, we've been able to assist customers in lowering their operational costs and increasing their revenue and profitability.

A. Whatsapp message integration with outbound dialer for India market

For India market, we've integrated the WhatsApp api tool with our outbound dialer. We speak with customers over the phone and send them text at the same time as needed e.g. sending signup link/download link/kyc information/product information/instruction to use many like this as needed.

B. Dialer and Server setup in the cloud to make agents work remotely if required

Call2Customers offers cloud-based software call center services, such as customer service, calling, monitoring, and back end services. The cloud-based software is easily compatible with internet connectivity, enabling agents to work from a remote location while being closely monitored. Our IT team integrated cloud software with existing CRM, in cooperated it with employees system, add it on monitoring and evaluation tools supervise employees performances.

C. India premium service outbound number is using to no get spam mark as caller id instead show set name to customers as a caller id

Call2Customers is providing premium services to our outbound clients to help in filtering spam mark and getting maximum calls answer for marketing. Instead we show set caller id name if needed which help in branding image of your company.

Our Call Centers Services

Outbound Call Center Services

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Information Verification
  • Soft Lead Genration
  • Customer Survey
  • Telemarketing
  • Third Perty Verification

Web Enabled Services

  • Order Taking
  • Billing Queries
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support
  • Market Research
  • Product Promotion

Why partner with us?

Company’s frequently fail to pursue their goals and dreams due to a lack of time or funds. However, call2customer outsourcing call center services may help you relieve stress and enjoy your work and life. Clients may concentrate on their core business tasks and do what they do best with our call center services. Our experience managing call centers, customer interactions, market research, and a variety of other company management responsibilities helps firms run more efficiently while keeping costs down. Hiring us as your chosen outsourced call center partner will provide you with the best value of your project on while also assisting you in accelerating your growth.

Advantages of Hiring Our Call Centers Services

Expertise Partnership

Inspite of hard work sometimes your business lack behind because you do not innate ability to master yourself to specific skills. Outsourcing the task to third party when it requires a skilled expertise who can work more efficiently for you is a brilliant idea. It will help your business to grow faster than your competitor.

Run your Business 24X7

Outsourcing Call center services provides you the extra benefit of maximising services to your customers 24-hour day. Even after your staff have gone home, we will take over and continue your job. We can accomplish crucial jobs 24X7 hours.

Specialised Knowledge.

We adhere to industry best practises in process monitoring, client reporting, feedback mechanisms, and escalation matrix, among others. We focus on your primary objective in providing a high- quality services to your customer. Our process mechanisms were created using leading process management concepts to ensure that our clients' processes are as efficient as possible.

Domain Expertise

With over a decade of experience working with a variety of customers in a variety of sectors, we have extensive knowledge of various industry verticals. We apply this expertise to help our clients enhance their process efficiency and develop their businesses.

Technology of the Future

To provide our clients with the most sophisticated call center technology, we invest heavily in the newest tools and technologies. Our innovative IVR technology and internet-based telephony provide maximum resource use, resulting in lower costs and increased profitability for your outsourced contact center.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing your call center needs to a specialist service provider might save you a lot of money on staffing. Hiring in-house staff and then educating them on call center operations is expensive. Another key challenge that the sector faces is attrition. You may be guaranteed of quality staff at lower rates and be rid of all such concerns by outsourcing your call center procedure to us.

Trained Call Center workforce

We provide our clients access to skilled and energetic young call center executives who are ready to help with any outsourced call center or knowledge-based outsourcing services.

We work in collaboration with your company to connect with more customers for more sales.

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What Our Clients Say's

After taking advantage of Call2Customers telemarketing service, we've seen a huge increase in our sales. Their proactive agents seize every sales opportunity. Thanks to this efficient team, our sales have doubled.

John Thompson

Ceo & Founder

Call2Customers helped us increase sales through an effective telesales. Their highly motivated team with focused strategy helped us to achieve our sales and revenue goals easily. We really recommend their services.

Ben Miller


It is nice to work with Call2Customer. Their customer survey service has helped us better understand the expectations and preferences of our customers. Really appreciate the work done for us.



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