Benefits with Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India)

By outsourcing your business to a call center service provider you save time, money and resources to concentrate on the major aspect of the business. With the advent of technology and more importantly internet, the world of outsourcing has even expanded more. Outsourcing your call center services to a professional service provider is a cost effective measure that small and large business are choosing over the years.
We are the call center service provider that works along with globally spread businesses and has been earning praises. We gives you benefits that will only add to the growth of your business.

  • Our cost effective service and come at a reasonable price (no hidden charge) so you never regret outsourcing to us.
  • We provide services 24/7 relentlessly and covering all time zones.
  • We have professionals that have been working diligently and undergo an extensive and in depth training process before we start up a project and training period is free.
  • We are committed to service and delivery; we are bound to it to keep us in business.

Working Style of Call2Customers, International Call Centers in India.

Hiring of candidates by International Call Centerin India C2C

We keep in touch with our clients for each and every step to provide customized services. Our HR team shortlist the desire candidates for the particular job. Being an International call center in India we make needful arrangements for our client to take the interview of the shortlisted candidates. Only after approval of our client we hire them.

C2C,International call center in India provide transparent call center services

We use cloud based system which provide real-time monitoring facility to our clients. They can supervise their team work through our IP based CCTV supervision camera which help them to keep their good hold on their on-going project.

International Call Center vendor in India provides work from home facility

We have cloud server set up which track the virtual employees and their work whether they are working in office, home or remote area. We also provide facility to our employees even to work from home to save their commuting time and money if needed and approved by our client. Work from home is surveillance under good supervisor and you will get the same quality of work.
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