What is Order Taking Services?

Order Taking Services is a boon for those people who want to place their order from their home or office. Now days with the evolution of technology customers usually prefer to place an order via the phone, online, mobile app or message. It provides freedom to the customer to place their order for your product on the time and platform of their choice without going to the store. It saves the time; energy and money of the customer spend on travelling and searching the product.

What is need of Order Taking Services?

The importance of order taking services is to enhance the customer experience. They might search for help if they have some queries regarding the product they can get answer easily by order taking call center agent. The call center agents are expert in answering each query promptly and guide the customer to give positive response. They also maintain the order in CRM to manage the whole order taking process in a systematic way in order to avoid any confusion or delay. Outsourcing Order taking services streamline your business order taking process and helps in increasing your business by increasing customer satisfaction level.

Why companies Outsource Order Taking Call Center?

Outsourcing order taking services increases the efficiency of work at less cost than building an in-house team. It is more convenient as it will free in-house team time to focus on their core business and produce better result. An order taking call center agent can tap the potential customers with his knowledge and skills to ensure a successful purchase. Order taking call center helps in adding profits to your account through their experience and skills for order taking process management.

Why hire Call2Customer for order taking services?

Our order taking call center agents are professionally trained to communicate with the customers in a pleasant and descent way which helps customers to express their needs, wants and preferences more comfortably. They confirm the order twice to avoid any miscommunication before placing it and maintain diary in software to dispatch the order on time. We record each and every call to get transparency of work .We use latest software and technology to give the immense satisfaction to your customers. We will please to provide you customized services for your order taking services. In addition you will get the advantage of real time access of the on -going project, recording of each call, daily report and feedback of the customer which can be beneficial for your business. Our aim is your growth.

Features of order taking call center:

  • Omni-channel solutions
  • 24 hours availability
  • Advanced technology
  • Customized services
  • Handling of high volume calls
  • Flexible solutions
  • On-time delivery
  • Secure and robust system
  • Back- up power
  • Recording of each call
  • Cloud based system
  • ""Our team are highly skilled to convince an individual calling in to make purchases. A satisfied customer brings in more customers in the form of family and friends thereby increasing the sales and of course the bottom line." Said by Manish Kumar (Operation Delivery Account Manager) "

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