Call Centers Outsourcing Price

When a company approaches a call center to outsource its work the most important factor is call center pricing. Prices of call center depend on its skill levels, type of work, location and duration of the application.

These are indicative guidelines on which call center prices depend are:

1. Inbound services – Inbound Call Center Services tend to be priced as following:

1.1 Shared – This type of services are ideal for those whose volumes of call vary from high to low. In shared services a call center agents call for 10-30 clients. The client pays just for one time used on a per minute basis. The cost ranges from $.35-$.45/minute for low cost international agencies to $.75-$.90/minute in the US/Canada.

1.2 Dedicated –This type of services are ideal for those complex business or when volume is notable. In dedicated services call center agents handle only one client. The client pays for this service on a hourly basis. The cost ranges from $8-$15 internationally to $22-$28 in the US/Canada.

1.3 Monthly – This type of call center pricing is similar to the hourly basis pricing. The call center agents are dedicated to one client on monthly basis. It is mainly offered by international call center who offers low prices for the services.

1.4 Per Call Price –This type of call center pricing prefer by small level business where they only want to pay once call comes and this price vary $1 to 0.50 / minute or seconds.

2. Outbound services – Outbound Services are usually priced in the following ways:

2.1 Hourly – This type of call center pricing are generally used for Outbound Sales, Lead Generation and Support. Rates vary according to the location of the call center company. In developed countries outbound services rates are very high which varies from $30-$50/hour whereas smaller agencies in India ranges from $6-$10. In the Philippines rate varies from $10-$15 in Eastern Europe or Latin America it is $22-$28 in the US or Canada.

2.2 Commission –Full commission is good for both parties for lead generation application and also on sales. The amount earned per hour should compensate for the risk involved to the call center by a premium of 10-20% over normal hourly rates is applicable. The sales performance is greater as the amount paid for higher sales is higher.

2.3 Hourly + Commission – This type of payment is best for maximum performance for both parties. This call center pricing structure is favorable for sales as you pay extra to salesperson for the effort done for sales.

3. Location – The outsourcing cost varies according to the location of call center. The different countries US or Europe versus India or the Philippines have huge difference in their cost.

Below is the per hour call centers outsourcing costs compression by geographic location:

Price Per Hour
United States/Canada    $22 – $35  
Western Europe   $40+  
Eastern Europe   $12 – $25  
Australia   $35 – $55  
Africa/Middle East   $15 – $20  
Latin America   $8 – $18  
Asia/Philippines   $8 – $14  
India   $6 – $12