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Process Case Study for 2 mobile apps “Rocket Singh Finance Mobile Application” and “Querka Skool Mobile Application” they are funded by the Times Group.


We are following India Finance and Education Customers to download these apps, we are accessing the customers through phone calls, explaining them about features of the apps and continue followup them to make the signup on the apps to use.

Delivery setup

We work with 5 agents and 6 days per week, we use preview dialing mode to dial customers number and record every call for quality verification and feedback, we use premium True Caller subscription to make agent name shows as caller id to get maximum calls answer to talk and keep daily check to ensure number not show as SPAM and we replace the number along with True Caller if it shows as SPAM. We are using WhatsApp messenger premium web service to use by every caller to send mobile applications download link with instruction to interested cutomers and WhatsApp phone number and display picture remain same for all callers.

Aegnts work 8+1 = 9hours / day and we keep operation review meeting and quality feedback periodically as needed, we assigned and reassigned phone number data strategically as agents skills routing, we trace daily/weekly performance report along with sales as a signup customers.

Feedback Loop

We call customers that are signup for the application to get their feedback about the applications; if they are finding any trouble to use, we help them and educate them for applications. This step helps to improve the performance as a reference and build the trust with customers.

Challenges & Solutions

Calls are not getting answer by customers: With use of True Caller premium service, we fixed number for agent to start show agents real name to customers to get them answer and increased connected calls ratio in compression.

Phone numbers marked as a spam frequently: Stopped repeatedly call to the same customers and attempt 2 times to same customer in day if not answered at first attempt and reuse that customer phone number to dial again after 1 day by different agent.
IT team checks every number daily in morning to replace phone number along with True Caller premium service in a day if any number catches as SPAM.

Customers were not recognizing us at followup calls and whatsapp message: TrueCaller premium service helps to show real name of Caller and Whatsapp premium service helps to show display picture with static same number and we ensure the followup customers dialed by the same agent who spoke to customers originally to minimum this number.

Signup numbers were constant and conversion ratio not improving: Assigned and reassigned phone number data strategically as agents skills routing and Feedback from customer both help us to improve conversion ratio to take upto 35% from 10% to 25% to 35%.

Execution Result:

We started to promote Rocket Singh apps in Dec’21 since then we are improving the delivery upto 35% conversion hence we got approached to promote their second education application from July’22.