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Process Case Study for the immigration company which helps people to migrate for Canada and European countries and assist them for the Jobs Opportunity in migrating countries.


We do call the Applicants who are in Dubai/India/Bangladesh/Other Asian countries and help them to migrate to Canada and European Countries. We are assisting employers to find the right candidates for them to job and at another end we are assisting to the right candidates to get job and help them to migrate.

Delivery setup

We are working with team of 5 people and our team work on behalf of Canada office, we work during Canada time zone and we hire team from India and Mauritius who speak in native language of Canada.

We use preview mode dialing application to dial applicants and we record every call for quality and verification, we use International Dialer and keep our display numbers to show as calling countries and periodically keep change display number to skip SPAM mark so it helps to get maximum connectivity.

Feedback Loop

Quality Auditor listen the calls and feedback agents to improve and we keep periodically call calibration among clients team, process manager and team to discuss and evaluate the regular work and team members. This practice helps us to improve.

Challenges & Solutions

Calls are not getting answer by customers

We were calling on their mobile and randomly check found our number marked as SPAM at display hence we start changing our display number daily and its help us to get our calls answer 80%.

Execution Result

Our work consistency and delivery made our client retain with us since 2 years +.