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Case Study: Call Center Services for child and parent Fostering organization

Client Profile:

A well-known independent fostering organization is working with aim of increasing the number of foster parents to satisfy the rising need for foster care services in the UK.


Organization wants to gives children in need, safe and loving homes. They saw the need to hire more foster parents.  It was difficult for in-house to connect with possible parents and educate them who might be interested in fostering.


To launch a proactive marketing, our client rely on Call Center Service Provider, Call2Customers (C2C).  The expert and skilled agents worked with the objective to get in touch with people and families who might have thought about fostering but were unsure of the requirements or advantages. The agents were given training which includes the details about organization services and their requirements to provide the best Call Center services.


Introduction Calls: C2C, call center staff introduce themselves courteously and inquire about the well-being of the person they were calling.

Sharing of Information: The call center representatives did a good job of explaining the essentials of fostering which is the primary purpose of our client. They explained in detail the advantages of becoming a foster parent, and the available financial assistance. Our staff emphasized on the £1000 joining fee, the weekly payment of up to £650 per child, and the extensive training as well as assistance offered.

Eligibility Check: Agents questioned prospective foster parents about whether they matched the minimal requirements, which included having a designated spare room, being at least 25 years old, and being a resident of the UK. They also asked if the applicant had a valid driver’s license, which was a preferred qualification.

Answering Questions: The representatives at the call center resolved any queries or worries put up by possible foster parents, offering precise information to clarify any doubts.

Lead transfer: For people who met the requirements, the call center gathered their information and got their permission to give it to the agency’s recruitment officer, acquired these information and was tasked with following up with potential applicants and directing them through the subsequent steps.

Positive Closure: The call center representatives praised the people for their time, attention, and willingness to think about fostering. They made sure the prospective foster parents felt valued and grateful for their time while also wishing them a good day.


Call2Customers (C2C) helped the client to connect with prospective foster parents effectively through the effective Call Center Services. This campaign led to a marked rise in inquiries from people who qualified as foster parents and had sincere desire in becoming so. In addition to generating leads, this proactive approach raised awareness of foster care services and the function of independent fostering agencies.