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Things To Keep in Mind before Hiring an Order Taking Service

Order Taking Services
Order Taking

Outsourcing order taking has increased in the past few years as call centers helped in reducing cost with more customer satisfaction and high performance. The outsourcing saves your time, cost and energy which you can invest in core business.

Order taking is non-core activity. So outsourcing order taking is a nice decision as call centers have expertise and deep knowledge in taking order.

• Enquire about Outsourcing Services: – You should always hire a customer care company who has experience in other outsourcing services also with order taking services, like customer care, IT solutions, Back office solutions and telemarketing. Call2customer have experience in inbound and outbound with back office solutions. They provide IT solutions, CRM development and telemarketing services.

• Time taken to response the call: – Ask about the average handling time and call answering time taken by the agents. The order placed should be properly handled and timely managed. If order taking time is delayed your order can be cancelled.

• Software and Infrastructure: – You should ask about the Call Center software that the company will be using as it stores the recordings of calls and number of reports on which analysis is done. You might not loose access of any report regarding your order. The software and infrastructure used by the call center company should fulfill your requirements.

• Technology: – You should have knowledge about technology used for order taking services by the company and their back up. So you can have uninterrupted service.

• Skilled Employees: – Ensure that outsourced employees are skilled, expert and proficient to handle your customers. They should be well informed and properly trained about your product in order to provide trouble free services to your customers.

• Security: – Ask about security measures taken by them to avoid lose of data or leakage of data to your competitor.

Outsourcing taking order is placed to increase profits margin, lowering expenditure on labor and operational costs, while improving the bottom line. It is only possible if order taking processes are left in the hands of right third party which works with full dedication. Otherwise your customer will loose confident in your brand.

Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) provides you twenty four hour services. Their technology, software and man resources all have back-up to provide you uninterrupted services. They are able to handle high volume calls. They have trained and skilled staff that provide end-to-end customized services to the customer. They develop effective script for your product and train their staff accordingly so the agents can answer accurately and promptly all the queries of the customer. They provide accurate and customized report and feedback as your requirement. Hiring a outsource order taking call center company like Call2Customer relieves you from your burden and work for you as your partner at affordable price.

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