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Benefits of Outsourcing Outbound Call Center Services to India

Call Centers had played a crucial role in improving relation between customers and companies. Some companies were not able to provide best customer support to their customer due to lack of knowledge, asset or time. But call centers had bridged the gap between customers and companies. There are mainly two types of services inbound (receiving calls from the customer) and outbound (calls that are made to the customers).

Outbound Call Center is where the agents call the customers on your behalf for various promotional motives that can be telemarketing, fund-raising, contact list updating, surveys or verification services.

Outbound Call Center Services
Benefits of Outsource Outbound Call Center Services

Benefits of outsourcing Outbound Call Center Services

Save Resources
Outsourcing Outbound Call Center helps you to save on manpower, infrastructure and technology. It saves hiring and training cost of staff. It saves maintenance cost of infrastructure and technology. Outsourcing will minimize the operating cost, pay only nominal amount to the call center and invest rest amount in your core business. Your business will grow and increase your revenue.

Technology and Infrastructure
Call centers have State-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. They work with many companies at a time. So they are capable of handling high volume calls. They assure quality process to build long term relationship with their clients. They have multi-channel capabilities to provide varied outbound services

Skilled Outbound Call Center Agents
Outsourcing outbound call center services will help you in contacting more number of clients than your team because they have skills and experience of convincing clients. The more people you call the more chance of generating potential clients.

Benefits of Outsourcing Outbound Call Center Services in India

Skilled Manpower:- The outsourcing companies of India are highly successful because of its talented and highly qualified manpower. Indians are fluent in American and British English. Moreover you can find people able to read and write other foreign languages like German, Japanese, French and many more.

Indian Currency:- Indian currency is weaker than compared to dollars or pound. So outsourcing to India is very economical. You can save huge amount of money as compared to other countries.

Technology:- Indian call centers utilize best technology, software and infrastructure to provide quality services to their clients. India has highly advanced satellite to transfer voice and data faster.

Policies of India:- Indian government is supportive to IT sectors and has aided themselves to built IT parks. Their policies are very simple without any hassle.

Time Zone Difference:- Time zone difference has helped to provide round the clock services to the customer.

India has provided superior quality standard services which are recognized globally for providing exceptional services.

Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) provides customized outbound call center services to their clients. You get dedicated team of professionals who provide 24/7/365 days services per year. They record and monitor all calls which you can review to ensure the quality of call. They have back-up of power, technology and man power to provide you uninterrupted services. The agents are proficient in communication, selling and marketing skills. The staff is well-trained and experienced. They ensure that your data will be secured with them. They offer wide range of call center services to help you increase revenue at reduced costs.

They provide following outbound call center services:-

  • Product sales
  • Order taking
  • Customer support
  • Sales lead generation
  • Customer surveys and feedback
  • Sales support
  • Order fulfillment
  • Product launches
  • Appointment Setting
  • Telefund Raising


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      Hello Suji
      We hire experienced and skilled agents. But as you know the different industries requirements are different . So to provide customized services to our clients we provide training to our agents. Our training process includes handling calls and overcoming different situations related to your product or services. We provide behavior and cultural training also of the region to understand different needs of customers and avoid any conflict. For proper training strategy contact us at
      Thank you

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