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Call2Customers : Unstopped Services during lock down

New Delhi, India, August 20, 2020: In India COVID-19 cases were confirmed in March 2020, after the travellers from Italy came to India.  Although Prime Minister Narender Modi urged employees to work from home after lockdown in all over India in a press conference for 21 days from March 25, 2020. The nationwide lockdown had increased the pressure on call centers in India and was never imagined that it would increase for whole year. The lockdown due to Corona Virus (Covid-19 ) has brought an unprecedented changes in everyone’s life and businesses as it has slow down the progress.To overcome such challenges cloud software has played an important role in call center services. The greatest advantages of Cloud software is it enables to get real time access of the on-going project. Moreover cloud call center is able to provide reliable and secure services to their customers.

Call2Customers  with the help of our IT experts has shifted all call center services including customer services, outbound calling services, monitoring services, and back end services on cloud based software. The cloud based software is easily accommodated with internet access so it helps us to continue the process even at lockdown time.

Call2Customers setup cloud system to make their employees work from remote location. We made call center software, local data base drive, firewall server, inhouse CRM system available at cloud with security credential to get access remotely. It was not simple, for first week cloud system was kept under observation to omit the technology glitches with the help of IT experts. Then we approved all department to start operation from remote location.

Inbound call center operation department worked from remote location with the help of call center cloud software to provide best customer services. Our employees provided customer services and order taking services with the same accuracy and speed as before. Outbound call center operations for cold calling, lead generation and appointment setting were done efficiently from remote location using call center cloud software. Our employees use phone and internet services for outbound call center. So we set up cloud on their system for calling prospects to generate new leads and customer retention.

Our employees take care of back office work operation department from remote location with the help of local database drive at cloud. All their on-going work was monitored from cloud based software. Quality department with the help of call center cloud software and local database drive at cloud to keep check of the quality of on-going project.

IT department manages the cloud systems well to operate and follow strict monitoring of the system. They had to really work hard to transfer all the services, projects and employee’s system on the cloud. They also provide training to employees on skype to help them work efficiently using cloud software and always available for tier1, tier2 and tier3 technical support to our employees.

Marketing department work from remote location with help of local database drive at cloud to collect the data and manage it efficiently. Our marketing department analyses the marketing trend and prepare the report for the same on the cloud system.

We have setup communication channels for documentation and instant communication among all employees so they can work in co-ordination and streamline the project efficiently. Our management team ensures that all works run smoothly. They ensure for employees to work easy and better. They are always ready to provide assistance and consultation to clients, employees and others whenever are requirement.

Being a cloud based call center, Call2Customers  is able to provide non-stop services to clients during whole lock down. Our employees working from their remote area under strict supervision. Our team is working to provide unmatched results of on-going projects and new projects. They understand the importance of work in such situation. Working from home has saved their time and energy of travelling and provided them safety with flexibility of working hours which they appreciated and worked with same dedication as in office. Call2Customers  cloud call center in India is providing non-stop call center support to USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia and India businesses.