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Inbound Call Center Services

When companies choose to outsource certain services to a trusted third party, they rely on call2customer for the hard work and attention they pay to their clients.

Types of Inbound Call Center Services

There is no limit to the number of services that can be outsourced but some inbound call center services which help you to increase the area of your business are

  • Customer Care Service: – Customer service is providing services to customers to resolve the various issues and answer the queries of customer before and after purchasing the product or services. Customer services build confidence in customer and make them loyal for your brand. It keeps you ahead of your competitor. It is a long term process, it builds a referential chain of customer and brands your product. Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) skilled agents are polite and listen with patience to customers. They are provided training to answer promptly to every query of customers. They build strong bond between your customer and your company.
  • Help Desk: – The help desk service provides assistance, guidance and troubleshooting services to customers. Our skilled agents provide online or offline services about hotel room bookings, ticket fares, and service related queries, etc.
  • Technical Troubleshooting: – Technical troubleshooting requires the agents that can advice or guide for the service provided to a customer over the telephone or email for their IT, computer or electronic gadgets related issues. For handling issues related with technical applications and support, network tech support, onsite tech support, remote support etc the agents require depth in their skills. Our agents have essence of technical gadgets with knowledge to handle multiple issues of customer.
  • Inbound Sales: – There are number of customers who want to place their order over the phone. But they want to talk to someone before placing the order as they are not assure and have some query about the product which they want to purchase. Some customer abandons their purchase because of their unclear doubt. Our skilled agents guide them and build confidence in them for their purchase. They help in streamlining purchase order of your product by answering the phone calls, clearing their doubt, building confidence, taking their order, maintaining diary for dispatch of order to provide timely delivery to the customers. They help in improving purchasing experience of your customers.

Demand of Inbound Call Center services are increasing every day. It increases the potential of your business by saving your time and money on in-house team.

Call2customer 24 hour services don’t miss even your single customer and provide them best quality services to enhance their experience of purchasing. We tie a strong knot between your customers and your company.


    • call2cust

      Call2customers provide customized call center services to their clients. So I think there will be no problem in providing both services together. But if you take customer care services and inbound sales services separately you will get precisely experienced staff in their professions. You can also scale up your services according to your need. You can do payment according to hour or time spent on the phone. All system is robust and provides you total transparency and accuracy in the work done by call2customers. I am sure your budget will not exceed if you will hire separate staff. For more details you can contact us on Skype.

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