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Top Telemarketing Call Center Services in India

Outsourcing Telemarketing call center has become a hassle free solution for companies looking to increase sales with the help of third party expertise. A telemarketing call center is a company that uses inbound calling and outbound calling in order to sell products or services. Telemarketing services can be online, offline or combination of both online and offline technology according to the requirement of the company.

Uses for Telemarketing call centers

Today outsourcing telemarketing call center has become an effective way to reduce the time and costs associated with the telemarketing services required to perform certain tasks that need considerable time, effort, and interaction with clients or consumers. Telemarketing uses different online and offline strategies to make sales like cold calling, emailing, SMS, social networking etc. Outsourcing telemarketing service can provide many benefits to your company

  1. Focus on core competencies
  2. Provide 24/7/365 call center support
  3. Save in Technology Investment
  4. Benefits from proven methodology
  5. Reduction in staffing, operating, and training costs
  6. Avoid unnecessary and costly capital expenditures
  7. Increased Customer Satisfaction–
  8. Improvement in efficiency and productivity
  9. Instant access to specialized skills
  10. Flexibility and Scalability

Call2customers leverage years of experience and our team has been working and managing outsourced telemarketing services which provides an edge for tailoring your company’s needs. We are equipped with latest technology and software to hit your sales goals to increase your ROI.  Our telemarketing management team is expert in quickly analyzing your situation and understands the sales process. They immediately put excellent agents on the phone to deliver results. We provide reliable and customizable programs specially designed for your company to increase your profitability.


Sell Product
Conduct Market Research
Conduct Surveys
Solicit Donations
B2B Cold Calling Services
Telemarketing lead management
Lead Generation Services
Decision Maker Contacts
Appointment Setting Services
Debt Collection Services
Database Selling Services
Market Intelligence Services
Product Promotion
Research Surveys and Polling
Customer Satisfaction
Telephone and Web Based Business Development
Direct Mail Follow-up Services
Seminar Population
Mortgage Lead Generation

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