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B2B Lead Generation Services | Grow Your B2B Business

 Call2customers is a leading B2B lead generation services vendor in India who is generating highly qualified leads for different vertical industries from education to tourism, real estate’s to logistic, health care to restaurant from past 10 years.

The objective of B2B lead generation services is to generate qualified leads and set appointments for sales agents. The call2customers expert and skilled lead generation agents contact the prospects who are looking for the products or services you are providing. The database used for lead generation can be provided by you like your old customer and known prospects/purchased data or our experts can generate leads by using offline or online techniques.

We have world class outbound calling agents who can present your objective of business in an impressive manner to prospects to generate B2B lead generation. We plan a complete process of sending email, sms , calling and follow up calls to help prospects to make decision for your business. We have SEO team who can generate online B2B leads for your company using forms, social media networking and PPC.

Transparent B2B lead generation services

We are professionals and experts of B2B lead generation services using cloud based technology for the projects we cater. You can keep an eye on the on-going work, you can access our CRM to see agents working, listen to their calls while they are talking with your prospects. You can supervise the operation floor through IP CCTV Camera. We strictly follow your guidelines so we can meet the SLA and expectation of your business.

Call2customers employees work in co-ordination to streamline your business project to fulfil dreams of your business. Our objective is our clients growth and we work as family to achieve it.

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