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Technical Support Call Center Services

Technical Support call center services are divided into three types to provide better services to customers and businesses. It is divided according to the level of technical issues for addressing customers need to create positive customer experience, resolve the issues quickly and obtain the feedback about the product or services.

Three types of Technical support Call Center services are

  • Tier-1 Technical Support: – Tier 1 Technical Support provides services for simple technical issues of customers. It is also called level-1 support. It solves straight forward and basic problems related with knowledge base tool or step-by-step guidance which helps in solving usage problems and fulfil services desk request. It is used to solve the customer’s problem without wasting time. Call2customers hire technical professionals and provide training to them to solve known problems related to your product or services and we also provide script to them if required to solve the requests efficiently.
  • Tier-2: – Tier-2 technical support call center deals with in depth knowledge of technical issues. The problems that cannot be handled by tier-1 need experienced and knowledgeable technicians to assist. Tier 2 technical support services are responsible for assisting Tier I technicians and for investigating elevated issues, and solving more complex problems. Call2customers, C2C hire technicians, engineers, programmers with deep knowledge.
  • Tier 3: – Tier 3 technical support call center services are the highest level of support and responsible for handling advanced problems. IT needs experts with proper knowledge of product or services. We hire skilled engineers, chief architects, creators who created the products or services.

Call2customers are providing technical support services to different kinds of industries from a decade. Our team work in collaboration to provide best services to our clients and believe in clients growth.

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