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Order Taking Call Center helps in improving sales and customer support

The companies plan to scale up with order taking call center to improve their growth. They hire call center to have a talented pool which can pursue certain role with the right caliber for good chance to be successful.How outsourcing order taking call center, Call2customers will be advantageous for your business in having a greater share of market?


  • Cross- and Up-Selling: – Call2customers skilled Order taking call center agents are expert in creating interest in callers for purchasing other products or deals also that you offer to them. This is done swiftly without forcing them.
  • Convert Inquiry Calls into Sales: – Our agents are trained in capturing full attention of caller and convert them into your customer when they call for inquiry also. They highlight the feature in effective way and create an image in their mind so that you don’t miss an opportunity.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction:Order taking agent creates a friendly atmosphere while communicating with customers to enhance the customer’s experience with your company. They built trust and good reputation of your company.
  • Faster Order Entry: – Call2customers have special software to enter the inquiry and order correctly. The agents are well trained and all the orders are taken accurately in the less time. So, the agents can efficiently handle high volume calls also.
  • 24/7 Order-Taking Services: – 24 hour availability of order taking services provide chance to your customer to place the order at any hour of the day even after business hours which will help you to gain more number of customers.

Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) has been successfully providing call center services for order taking process from last eight years.

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