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Benefits of Outsourcing Taking Order

Earlier customers have to personally visit the seller to purchase product. But technology had made the life easy and convenient. The people who don’t have time, places their order on phone or online. Process of taking order on phone or online is a wise decision as it saves time and money. Call2Customer (an outsourced call center in India) provide inbound sales to customer. Customer can acquire knowledge about the product and clear its doubt before placing an order. We help in not only retaining old customers but also building relation with new customer. Outsourcing taking order to us can help your company in saving your energy, time and money.

Order Taking Call Center
Order Taking Call Center

How outsourcing your business to Call2Customer taking order can help you?

  1.  By outsourcing your taking order you can focus on core activities of your business. Your time and money is saved. You need not to worry about hiring and training staff and adding additional warehouse.
  2.  We provide 24X7 hours taking order services. Your company can’t be opened twenty-four hours and on holidays but we provide services 24X7X365
  3.  We provide online as well as live order taking services.
  4.  We provide streamlined services of sales and calls, instantly or as scheduled time intervals. We provide report and feedback of customer according to your requirement.
  5.  We provide convenient message delivery by fax, pager, email or downloaded files.
  6.  We provide comprehensive order processing method like multiple shipping and payment options, order fulfilment and status checks.
  7.  Our advanced technology is capable to handle high traffic volume.
  8.  Online order taking service helps you to built new customer from far to reach places also within short period of time.
  9.  Call2Customer staffs are trained, skilled and proficient in taking order and building relation with customer to generate lead. We take care of our clients’ requirement. We study deeply about your company and product. So we provide detail knowledge of superiority of your product. We add personal touch to your customer by answering known and unknown queries by clarifying their mind. Our staffs’ excellent communication skills help to convince customers about your brand.
  10.  We are loyal to our clients and help to increase your revenue by generating lead on your competitor.

Conclusion:- Call2Customer provide online as well as live order taking services. Our technology is advanced with full backup and capable to handle high volume calls. Our staff is highly qualified to patiently solve customers’ issues related to brand. We are loyal to our clients, so we study all if and buts of your products and let the customers know about its advancement over other product in market. We provide you all report regarding customer and their feedback to upgrade your product according to market. Making Call2Customer your taking order partner will save your money and time.


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