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How Call Centers in India is working in Covid-19?

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has created a deep impact on the lives of people, businesses and economy. Smart call center in India are working regularly without any break to help businesses to mobilise, stabilise and return to work with more power.

Call2customers is one of them has stabilized the new strategy which facilitate the employees to work from the remote area with more energy and enthusiasm.

Call2customers is call center in India is turn their work on cloud based software i.e. outbound call centers telemarketing work, inbound call answering work, data analysis and data management work and they are meeting the end result of each work to meet and providing satisfactory services as earlier.

Call2Customers is a call center in India is work with said technology

Flexibility to employees to work from remote area: – Our professional teams of telemarketing, inbound call answering, data mining and marketing staff is working from home or remote area to provide clients service as creating database, generating leads, new customer acquisition, closing sales, answering customer services, inbound calls order taking. Our marketing team is working to improved promoting websites rank through SEO and digital marketing and providing uninterrupted services to our clients. Our employees are working from their home so they are safe and do not get infected with the COVID-19. They also work harder as their commuting time is being saved and you will always get work done on time.

Real time access: – Cloud Call Centers software provides real-time access of the calls to the clients whether inbound or outbound calls. You will also get recording of each call irrespective the nature of call which helps you to know the quality of work. You can access the real time of the employees as they are doing their job.

Employee monitoring tool:- We have setup employees monitoring tool for our employees to track their log in/out for their attendance and trace their computers screen to keep supervision for their activity logs. We are also keeping our dialer feature same as earlier and keeping all the work logs to provide customized reporting as need and recording every call for quality and verification. We use the cloud based system and employees monitoring tool which is managed by central system and provide details and report of working staff. We are managing training and conference meeting via help of available tools i.e. skype and zoom.

Call2customers is providing wide range of services on multi-channel platform. You will get uninterrupted call centers services with us. We not stop our services in covid19 and your business always running with us.



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